The Trend For Diamond And Ruby Wedding Rings

A men’s diamond ring is a big investment and should not be made without knowing about some of the pitfalls you may face. Some Salesmen will try to sell you stones and jewelry that are not what they seem to be. Here are a few tips for avoiding the more common scams.

Cost of the diamond with the ring must be determined before any purchasing is done. It also important to have knowledge of the types of diamond available. In addition, the cost depends upon the size of diamond chosen.

A religious event, such as a baptism or adult christening, definitely calls for something special for the participant. If the recipient is a gentleman, consider giving him the Sterling Silver Red & Champagne Diamond Cross Ring. This handsome ring is crafted in sterling silver and presents in a subtle yet masculine fashion. The cross design is set with eleven round full cut red and champagne colored diamonds, each secured in a prong setting. These diamonds have a total of sixteen carats with clarity of I2 to I3. It’s a stunning gift that any man will be thrilled to receive on such a special occasion.

Clarity is also a key characteristic when trying to identify the best quality diamond in Houston for your budget. Clarity refers to the flaws, or “inclusions” present in a diamond — the fewer inclusions, the better the clarity. Once again, you want to choose a jewelry store which allows you to view the microscopic differences between diamonds of differing clarities.

One word of caution, it is advisable to go for four or six prongs. Three prongs are also available but many find they do not provide the level of security for the stone they need.

If you want to surprise your lady love then you must have the idea of her favourite shape. You must also have the idea of the size of her ring finger. Remember generally the cost of the ring is reflected in the size of the diamond.

When you are choosing the right diamond cut, you don’t have to limit yourself to the ordinary run of the mill cuts. You should consider more creative options if you are looking for a unique ring to express your love. A heart shaped diamond makes for one of the most beautiful engagement rings you can have. It stands out with its unique shape, and its facets and cuts reflect the light beautiful as well as show off the best qualities of the diamonds. It will certainly be something for you to remember and cherish as you look down on the ring on your finger all the time.