The Best Social Media

Ever since we are kids we learn how to groom ourselves. When we prepare ourselves for an important business meeting we always try to look our best in order to create a good impression.

Look for the Address: Most of the fake users in Facebook do not have a proper address in their info page. So look for that info page to Social Media Marketing clarify your doubts.

Go to the person’s page that you would like to add using the “add to your network link” feature. This allows you to add a personalized message along with your connection request. You can simply put, “Hi there, I hope to connect with you in the future,” or something similar depending on whom the person is. If you already know the person, this message can be adapted to remind them of how they know you. If you add someone from the Add Connections box, there is no way to send a message along with it. The little extra effort of putting a small message with your request can go a long way and is much more valuable and personal.

Capture interest and email addresses by offering a newsletter. Stay in touch with people who have visited your website. Keep them informed of what’s happening. Let them know about deals and give them useful information. They will keep coming back and some will develop into your best customers.

I work only until 3:00 pm: this is the time my eldest child comes back home from school. When my first child was born I decided that I would never consider or treat her as something secondary in my life and that all the time I would spend with her would always be just for her and for nothing else. So the rule still applies: from 3:00 pm I’m just for my children. Everything else can be put off until tomorrow. If I have a very tight deadline, I may work at night, once my children are asleep or, alternatively, I wake up very early in the morning. And I am very happy I made this choice: my relationship with my children is very special!

Having a consistent name on all of your sites is important for building an online presence. You do not want someone else using your name on a website, blog or social community account. This means you need to secure your brand (name) on all online accounts. The only cost is your time. Registration is free.

Most members will maximize the number of people they send. They figure that if they do not know the person, the person knows them, even if it was an advertising piece not yet read or deleted. New members of course like seeing a suggested process of speeding up connections to business people to start their network. They were never exposed to why this is a very reckless route to take. When the people receive your rubber stamped, brief message invitation, they are asked to connect with you. Three options are available, two very poorly worded.

Go to your profile summary and read it from a client’s view point. Is it compelling? Does it inspire you to reach out and connect? Is it memorable? Do you feel like it’s written exactly for you the reader? Is it written in first person? Can you easily find their contact information? Update based on information you learned during the last month about your industry, or clients. Did you lead a webinar? Teach or take a class? Help a client achieve an amazing goal?