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Are you someone who would like to exercise regularly? Yet you cannot afford gym fees and don’t have enough space for a conventional piece of gym equipment for your home. Then why not think about purchasing a folding exercise bike. Most of these fold down to an extremely compact size so that they can be placed under a coffee table until they are needed next time.

Don’t underestimate the value of an exercise bike. You can use all kinds of Compact exercise bike machines, many with electronics and gadgets. It’s hard to beat a good exercise bike for a solid workout machine. If you want to burn fat and do a cardiovascular workout the exercise bike is a great tool.

Who said that if you want to exercise and get or keep your body fit you need to spend a lot of time and a lot of money? There are a number of exercises that you can do indoors, without any help, and some with just a bit of help.

You get what you pay for! Equipment lasts longer and looks nicer when it’s high quality. Obviously better quality equipment, is more expensive. The quality of your equipment is important but having a budget isn’t the end of the world. A well made manual indoor bike is about $100. Resistance tubes are $10, stability balls range from $10-$60 and dumbbells go for $1 per 1/2 lb. You can skip on extras like mats, the bosu and a weight bench until you can save to expand your gym.

An Kondicykel til ældre may be a great choice for a bicyclist who wants to be able to “ride” even when the weather is poor. Otherwise a bicyclist may spend very little time exercising during the winter months.

In the long run, a home gym is a great investment and will save you time and money. However, before going all out and spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on equipment ask yourself if you are truly serious about reaching your goals. Are you going to use the gym? Do you think you will stop using it after a few months? Do you have the self-motivation required to exercise on your own? Will you be willing to hire a personal trainer in addition to the home set up? Don’t turn your brand new equipment in to a coat rack. If you are going to set up a home gym, use it!

If you can relate to this situation, you are probably one of these kinds of people. Deep down inside, you really want to exercise but it is very hard to become motivated enough to start exercising. To kill two birds with one stone, to provide workouts for computer maniacs, FitDesk has developed a special training machine: the Compact Pedal Desk.

The Schwinn 231 recumbent bike has lots of computer power, but it has solid basic construction too. It’s a popular choice if you’re looking for a recumbent bike at a moderate price. Make sure you don’t pay full retail price though. You can find it much cheaper if you know where to look…