Public Speaking Training – How To Train Effectively

If you surf the Internet at all these days, you are guaranteed to run across a web site that has a gallery of funny videos. They are everywhere now. The day after the State of the Union address, I found about forty web sites that had spoofs of President Bush’s speech on them. They were hilarious. My friends and I rolled for days about some of the things on these videos. Many of the funny videos that appear on the web are spoofs on someone, or something famous, but some of these videos are just everyday situations with a funny twist.

We called ourselves Vicarious Moments at first. It came together, amazingly, and we did our first public gig. It was a family picnic at a park and our harmonies and original rifts went over well; soon we had another gig. The public seemed to like our seventies approach. It didn’t take us long to realize that we weren’t going to be happy doing cover tunes, so we changed our name to “Chainsmoker” because it was something we all had in common. We began writing lyrics and music for our own, all original songs. Some weeks we were so busy we were performing Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The occasional well-placed video or slide can be a valuable addition to a presentation and can provide you with a nice opportunity to re-group, collect your thoughts and take a look at your crowd.

Bush has proven that he does not have much interest in green technology such as solar power. However, thanks to the oil crisis, Bush has finally conceded that an alternative to oil would benefit the United States(hello ethanol).

President Bush videos can be found on almost any funny video web site online. Most of these sites have an entire section of President Bush videos for your viewing pleasure. No matter how you feel about Bush, you will definitely find these videos hilarious. For the most part these videos poke fun at President Bush’s poor presentaion skills. They always have him making up words like “presidate”, and other words similar to that.

Keep it simple : Have few main points and use numerous real-life examples for each one. Our audiences are keen to learn something new and they are not waiting to test our knowledge.

As you read through the list were you able to see any familiar patterns in your own speaking history? Were you able to recognize a pattern within the sentences themselves? Perhaps some of you noticed that each of the sentences begins with the word “I”. This is a seemingly minor detail but it goes to the heart of why your pulse quickens and your palms sweat as you approach the jury box.

Obama is a master at grabbing and keeping his audience’s attention. We may not be able to talk like Obama, but we can always be ourselves and be – A stupendous speaker who can inspire any audience.