Party Ideas For Your Family: Create A Loving Atmosphere That Follows Guests Home

A Victorian theme can bring elegance and charm to your home this Christmas. Victorian decor is romantic, and very ornate. Victorian accent colors are usually gold, burgundy, mauve, sage green, silver and dusty blue. You will need to choose a color combination before you start decorating for your Victorian Christmas. To explain how to decorate for a Victorian Christmas, I have chosen the colors burgundy, mauve, and gold for my Victorian color theme.

Take inventory of your kitchen cabinet order as soon as it arrives in your home. Make sure all of the cabinets you ordered are present, as well as all hardware, knobs and pulls. Check the finish to be sure it is correct and examine the cabinets for scratches and defects. It is far easier to fix these errors now than to discover them halfway through your remodel.

Ten: Sew a fun sports item for mom such as a miniature basketball hoop and fabric ball to throw into it. You can enlist the help of dad for putting in a wire to keep the hoop up. Or you can create a miniature football for mom to throw around for fun, or maybe a bowling ball and pins to knock down. Sports items are relatively simple to design and sew and make for a great gift idea for mom if she is a sports enthusiast.

Sacred Mists Shop sells an herbal liquid incense blend that they call “Yule Potion Winter Solstice.” The blend comes in a clear bag with a label at the top. Inside is a mixture of herbal potpourri with a piece that looks like a miniature Yule log. It is a holiday related item that would be a perfect party favor to give out to guests who come to your gathering. One bag sells for $6.95.

If you have people coming to view your home, whether it is at night or during the day, turn on every light you have, both indoors and out. A lit home at night offers a “homey” look from the street. Having the lights on during the day prevents any sunlight herbal potpourri shadows and will brighten up a dim area you may have. A bright home is an attractive home.

A friend of mine announced that he had quit smoking. In the beginning I really can’t feel it, and thought he’ll be back into it shortly. I assumed that its not likely to last, however it really is been a couple of years now and a cigarette haven’t been used by him since it is announced by him.

Finally, do your best to keep things organized and clean but it is okay if it is not perfect. Homes that look as if they are from a magazine photo shoots are not going to have that warm and welcoming feeling. Your home should be organized and clean, but you should feel comfortable in the space and others should be able to recognize that the space is lived in.