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There are words that need to be hashed out: paraunity, parafamily, paramafia, paracommunity, parafamily, and any other “para” play-on-words one can think of. Anyone who joins the community is given the speech about coming together as a community and how they all need to stick together. As fine and dandy as that it is, it is doubtful that everyone really knows what they want with “paraunity.” This term is used to define a sense of family, togetherness, and unification towards a common cause. One can joke and say paraunity exists, but in reality it does not exist on a large scale. And it’s time that the paranormal community sits in the hot seat and goes on time out.

Friedkin went to all kinds of drastic measures to create The Exorcist. You would think that the pain these actors went through would be enough torture, but he didn’t stop there. They also had to freeze in ice-cold temperatures for a few scenes! Think back to when Blair was already possessed and was locked in her bedroom that had turned into what appeared to be sub-zero temperatures. This is probably because her bedroom was built in a freezer!

The first location on your list should be the Central City Masonic Cemetery. The masons are a dark and mysterious group to begin with and when you add ghosts to the mix, they become even more fascinating. The cemetery is frequently the site of mysterious floating orbs of light. Visitors have also seen a little boy lurking the grounds late at night, as well as a women in black that appears twice a year. The little boy is likely an apparition, while the woman is completely real. She puts columbines at the grave of John Edward Cameron. This is similar to the tradition of a bottle of cognac being place on the grave of Edgar Allen Poe on the author’s birthday.

Coming in second for the weekend plague pits of london 3, last week’s top flick took in $18.3 million, but it’s burning away quickly as it dropped 65 percent over last week.

At the turn of the th century the area that Paranormal blog online the hotel is situated on was a forbidding outer fringe of New Orleans. A writer of the era described the area as a place of “Foul deeds and midnight murders”.

Another story told regarding Rolling Hills relates to its time as a poorhouse and orphanage. There are people who say that kids living there were sometimes sold to people in the area. These kids worked the farms, or did what their “owner” told them. It’s hard to believe that New York would allow this kind of behavior.

The only other new release of the week, TheThree Musketeers, probably the millionth adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ tale, took in just $8.8 million. A fact that’s not surprising considering the studio didn’t screen it for the nation’s movie critics, showing little confidence in it. The Ides of March came in fifth for the week with $4.9 million.