Overview of CBD, Incorporated Products, and Their Health Claims

Overview of CBD, Incorporated Products, and Their Health Claims

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the chemical compound in marijuana that makes it addictive. Cannabidiol is also a powerful phytocannabinoid found in 1940. It’s one of the113 known active cannabinoids in cannabis, accounting for more than 40% of the therapeutic plant’s extract, and is one of the two major phytochemicals, along with THC, that creates marijuana potently relaxing “high”. It may help relieve some of the symptoms of certain diseases like MS, epilepsy and others, but does not have any effect on human memory, muscle tone, brain activity or balance.


Since CBD is only extracted from the cannabis plant, it cannot be found in any dietary supplement. But, research is indicating that there are potential health benefits of CBD that are being researched. Currently, there are two major clinical trials testing CBD against two different medications used to treat Alzheimer’s disease (a disease that causes forgetfulness and is the most common cause of dementia). One study is focusing on using CBD as an Alzheimer’s treatment while another is investigating CBD use as a substitute for the antipsychotic drug, risperdal, used to treat patients with the disease.

People taking cbd as a treatment for psychosis state it has been very effective, but the studies are ongoing and they are inconclusive at this point. One reason why the studies are inconclusive is that people can develop serious side effects if they take too much CBD. Common side effects of CBD include: difficulty sleeping, restlessness, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, weight gain, seizures and mania.

Some of these side effects can be severe enough that they can endanger your health. So, how do you know if CBD products are right for you? Generally speaking, you should avoid any dietary supplements that claim to contain CBD unless they are 100% all-natural. “All-natural” means that the ingredients are derived from plant sources and not synthetically created from man-made compounds. Avoid anything that contains CBD unless it specifically states that it does not come from a plant source.

While most cbd products do not contain CBD, some do. When looking at which dietary supplement has the least amount of side effects, look for the one with the least amount of CBD. It’s important to understand that even plants contain compounds that may have adverse side effects when consumed in large amounts. Look at the list of ingredients. If it is primarily comprised of plants (which it should be) then you will have less to worry about.Learn more on Where to Buy Hemp Flowers here.

Currently, three dietary supplements that are believed to contain CBD are Cbd Oil by Garden of Life, Canopy Diet and Pure CBD by Shifu Food. You can learn more about the companies by clicking on the links below. The three companies are separated by the fact that each of them has different extraction methods for CBD and each has different manufacturing processes as well. Each of their products is currently scheduled for FDA review and has not been approved by the FDA yet.

If you are interested in taking a CBD supplement, whether or not it is for therapeutic or recreational purposes, you should consult your physician first. Your doctor can inform you of the appropriate dosage for your age and medical history. He or she can also advise you of any potential interactions with other prescription drugs and medications you may be taking. In some cases, your physician may recommend a complementary therapy, including CBD. While these therapies are considered safe and generally have no known side effects, you should still discuss them with your primary care physician if you are taking prescription drugs.

For products that do not derive from plants, you should also be aware of two things: non-prescription and prescription health claims and concentration levels. A non-prescription health claim simply refers to the fact that the CBD you are taking is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should be aware that in general the higher the concentration, the less effective the product is. However, some products can increase the blood flow to the heart and brain, resulting in an increased mental clarity and alertness. A prescription health claim refers to a number of advantages and benefits related to the treatment of human diseases, including the reduction of seizures associated with children and patients who suffer from autism, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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