Making A Memory Quilt For Alzheimers’ Patient

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I know that a lot of people think it is silly to equate emotions to animals. It is obvious that they have either never had one or have had the wrong kind. The truth is that animals, in many ways, are better at communicating their thoughts and feelings than are their human companions.

Licorice candy is not the best remedy for a toothache. But if you’re not in the vicinity of a well-stocked health food when a toothache strikes, grabbing some off a convenience store shelf can be a lifesaver.

If you find a dog with personality, you’ll find that senior citizens, much like their attachment to young children, will attach themselves to fun, loving animals. Talking to animals, playing with animals and watching children play with your pets are just some of the many ways that animals cheer up senior citizens. Especially senior citizens suffering from Alzheimers. A dog with personality can bring excitement and comfort.

Secret 3 – Your thyroid regulates cell activity. Decreased activity means a sluggish metabolism and weight gain along with fat storage. But why are so many people afflicted with low thyroid activity these days?

You can help your body flush fat during a weight loss program. Fat cells store waste. If you want those fat cells to shrink you have to help it get rid of this stored waste. Here are five fat cleansing secrets that can help.

Like many other health experts, I believe that every person needs to supplement their nutrient intake. As far as we can tell, this is our best defense against chronic disease and may be the key to living over 100 years, while still being active and retaining all of our mental faculties. Find a good supplement that contains nutritional curcumin, resveratrol, green tea and alpha lipoic acid, as well as the basic essential vitamins and minerals. It could be the best thing that you ever do for your health.