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Tracking your business growth on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule will aid you in developing a sustainable and profitable business. Anytime someone asks you about your business and its growth you should clearly know what is going on daily in your business.

Look on real estate websites for equivalent values of other rental properties in the area. You can even hire a real estate agent to look on the websites themselves to help you out. An agent can also bring you prospective renters, but do know that the agent will likely take a cut of your rental property if you do this, so be prepared and ask their terms.

Which is why Microsoft is going to win the war of the Cloud Accounting. Look, I’m not the world’s biggest Microsoft fan. Yes, my company sells one of their products. But I’ve been brought to tears too many times to mention by Windows freeze-ups. I’ve watched my nails grow in front of my eyes while waiting for my computer to startup (or shutdown). I show advanced symptoms of Parkinson’s every time I have to pay for an Office upgrade.

By the way, if net income is a negative number, it’s called a loss. You want to avoid those. The net income is reflected on the Balance Sheet in the equity section, under current earnings (or net profit). Net income results in an increase in owner’s equity. A loss results in a decrease in owner’s equity.

You may not need to be an expert in Double-Entry KCA, but the person who is responsible for creating the financial statements better get pretty good at it. If that is you, go back through the book and focus on the ‘gray’ sheets. Study the examples and see how the Double-Entry method acts as a check and balance of your books.

Although many people come to a warehouse sale expecting to dig through boxes, bins, and pallet, the easier you make it for customers to get to products, the more you’ll be able to move. Stacking six pallets, placing a slip-sheet on top, and then laying out items is a great way to bring merchandise up to where consumers can easily reach it. Additionally, wide aisles reduce congestion – especially for mothers with strollers or customers loading up on what you’re selling.

Consider the experience you do have, whether it’s work or life related. Chances are you know how to do SOMETHING, even if you haven’t done it in a job capacity. See if you can find jobs that would use the knowledge you have, or at least touch on them in some way.

You will make a great parent, if and when you decide to start a family. As mentioned, you believe in a sense of order and the sanctity of marriage. You are a builder and believe in solid roots when it comes to all aspects of your life: work, finances and family. “Reap what you sow” is a mantra that resonates with your character.