Keeping Step With Financially Safeguarding Your Children After Divorce

If you have a safe deposit box at the bank, you may feel you don’t need a home safe. But what if you need access to jewelry, gold or a document such as your birth certificate when the bank is closed?

1) You do not need to open it to deposit cash or other valuables into it. There is a hole that you use to place the items inside, i.e. it works in a similar way to posting a letter into a post box.

While I am glad she had a will, her finances are a mystery. My husband and I have become financial detectives, tracking down leads and trying to make sense of them. Grief and Probate are a heavy burden, a burden filled with questions. We must answer these questions and more.

Why should you use a bank rather than an independent watch safe company? Because independent companies seem to fold or get robbed with great regularity. Like public storage facilities, they are also frequently used by less desirable characters.

If you continue this process your CDs will be effectively “laddered”, you’ll earn higher interest rates, and you won’t be without access to 25% of the funds for more than three months at a time.

The first thing you can do is to guard your information. Only give out your Social Security number when you are required to by law or when absolutely necessary. Don’t carry your card in your wallet. Don’t write down your children’s numbers in easily accessed locations. Always ask if you can use your driver’s license number instead of your SSN.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your jewelry when you travel is to take only what is essential. The more you take with you, the more at risk you are for having a loss. Take only what you normally wear every day and keep what you leave at home secure in a safe as well.

Usually, there is an itemized receipt accompanying your deposit check. If there is not and you feel that the landlord took to much, you have every right to call him and tell him to produce a receipt. If he has nothing to hide, he will send it right out. However, if there is something to hide and they are not willing to give you your money back, then you will probably need to take him to small claims court.