How To Practice Ashtanga Yoga

In this little article I will share with you 4 easy ways to meditate in order to improve your daily life. But before I do that, I will explain what, in my opinion, meditation is.

Seven years earlier while I was at Esalen in Stan Grof’s “Transpersonal Psychology” workshop doing certain breaths I felt my ajna center as a concentrated point — an actual place. I did a painting and by focusing on the painting I felt “ajna” more and actually put a dot on the forehead of a character in my painting (Silly Sy Ben) where the people from India put a spiritual symbol on their forehead. Now I have found out that concentration is a prelude to meditation. And in deed one definition of meditation is focused concentration. But I find that and all definitions lack. Your practice and experience is what matters.

Learn to relax more. A few minutes relaxation each day will help you to keep on top of things. A good way to relax yourself is to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, sit or lie comfortably and just focus on your breathing for a while. To stop your mind from wandering, try saying ‘I am,’ on the in breath and ‘at peace’ on the out breath. Breathing in – ‘I am’. Breathing out – ‘at peace’. I use this technique with my meditation groups baltimore and it really helps to stop the mind from chattering and spoiling your relaxation. You only need to do this for about ten minutes a day, and you will gain many benefits, not least that you’ll begin to look forward to it, and you’ll feel more in control of yourself and your life.

Someone might show specially prepared museum quality photos of petroglyphs (300 — 20,000+ years old from the Coso Range) aka cave drawings. Or as we sit in circles on pillows we may listen or share the stories of our lives — or might get in touch with deep seated feelings. Others may temporarily doze off.

I was also never into hot water. But now that I live in the Pacific Northwest I have an appreciation for tubs. I’m glad I am usually not shy. And am amazed how non-sexual I find the baths. Bodies are of so many sorts. If women went topless I bet men would be less fixated on sex and everyone would be more at peace. There is occasional beauty outward and often beauty inward found with people there and now here. We make sex overly important by our thoughts and conditioning and other societal games (make up, advertising, high heels — my thought not Esalen’s).

Depending on why you are asking the question, “How does meditation work?” then you will get a different answer. Plus, the truth is, even though I have been meditating for over 25 years, often for long periods of time, there are people much more qualified than me to answer questions about meditation and stress relief, or meditation and blood pressure.

By engaging in Dahn yoga exercises including the meditation exercises by the groups, you will be able to combine the discipline of meditation with fun.