How To Choose Diamond Jewelry For Your Wedding

Is the big question about to be asked? While you as a consumer may think a diamond is a diamond, there is actually some basic information you should keep in mind when searching for diamond engagement rings. Some of the most beautiful diamond engagement rings meet a set of criteria making them as excellent and valuable as they are. These basics are known as the four Cs of diamonds.

Sure you know some of the nomenclature of the business so at least you have some working idea of what is being said. But, what you don’t have is the years of experience of the subtle nuances that can truly define what kind of diamond hk you really have and how to value it. Frankly, you are going to have to find a jeweler you trust. It shouldn’t be too, hard.

Sometimes a diamond dealer who needs the cash will liquidate a parcel of diamonds at or below his cost. However if you find a cheap 2 carat diamond, you would be wise to do some thorough investigating before you buy it. For example, we know of one source on the internet who has a supply of about 20 rings that are 2.5 carat diamond price selling for $3575.

The 4 C’s are clarity, cut, color, and carat weight. 1 carat and under can be found for a reasonable price, but the other 3 C’s are important in determining that price. It’s not just about the weight of the diamond. If you aren’t familiar with the 4 C’s you should become knowledgeable before you delve into the actual purchase of a diamond ring.

If you are a new diamond buyer, don’t be fooled. If you take a few minutes now to learn these facts about diamond buying, you will be well on your way to protecting yourself when making this potentially pricey purchase.

The most important thing that you must never miss before buying your diamond ring is the 4C’S of diamond that includes colour, carat, cut and clarity. These are the four important aspects of diamond and you must have the knowledge of these four aspects if you want a perfect diamond for your engagement ring.

Though the price reduces when it has yellow or brown tints, coloured diamonds come with a pretty high price tag. Coloured loose diamonds are very rare to find, and are coveted by diamond collectors. Some of the rare colours are red, pink, blue, grey, black, green, orange and purple. These coloured diamonds should be cut in the right shape to get the maximum effect. They look great when cut in round, princess, emerald, and heart shapes. These coloured diamonds add to that extra elegance to the jewelry.