Hold On To Your Dreams And Make Them Come True!

I remember about 5 years ago. I bitten by the recording studio bug. Before I knew it, I had maxed out a few credit cards and taken out a large loan to pay for enough recording gear to record a full band. I was excited about recording bands. I knew nothing, but I certainly wanted to learn. I saw a few ads in beginner recording magazines for these immaculate looking studios combined with classrooms. I thought these guys would transform me into a recording genius.

But it lowers the odds that the Fed will feel the need to come to the rescue with more stimulus, the hope that has been a major driving force for the market in the face of continuing dismal economic reports, tumbling corporate earnings, and downbeat warnings from some of the world’s largest transportation and industrial companies.

If these discouraged workers were counted as unemployed then essentials of engineering economic analysis global unemployment would jump from million to million and the unemployment rate would rise from to the ILO reports.

Vinny DiCarlo, the stout, brutish figure stood waiting to embrace the second of the three DiCarlo boys. Like he looked, Vinny hadn’t received the brains of the three. He had inherited the spirit, fire and strength that had been so evident in their father. It was what stood out most in Vinny’s eyes. That spirit, anyone who had ever known Michael DiCarlo could see his mark on this particular son.

Korea is an amazing story. I believe that Koreans are kind and passive by nature. This has not served them well in their history. They have been constantly invaded and occupied. Their Buddhist stoicism has contributed to their survival. Patience has been the winning strategy.

In 1985 I launched the MovieGuide and 1) started replicating the old Film Review, and 2) did essentials of scientific and technical translation economic analysis to show that movies with moral content do better. Anti-Christian movies do not do well at the box office. As a result we have seen Hollywood move dramatically.

In the 2009, a year when recession officially ended, GDP was -2.6%, worst in the last 50 years of US history (only in 1982 was close to that data -1.9%).

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