Halloween Quiz Spices Up Your Halloween Holiday

In the current economy many parents are looking for ways to cut costs where ever they can and celebrating Halloween can get expensive with the costs of children’s costumes, treats and especially Halloween parties. With just a little ingenuity, creativity and a few tips anyone can plan a budget friendly Halloween costume party for children.

It’s never a bad idea to spend some money on party favors and supplies to get your party going. However, there are plenty of ways to make sure you make your money back. For example, on the invitation you can make it clear you are charging $5-$10 dollars at the door to cover the cost of food and drinks. Or you can have everyone bring a platter of food or a bottle of liquor of their choice to lessen the load of supplies you have to get. Either way, you should not have to empty your pockets in order to throw a good party. Friends should be more than willing to chip in since you’re hosting.

Fun Halloween games are very important and are a must at any Halloween party. They help to keep the guest amused and give them something to do besides walk around. If it is a party that includes children you can set up simple games for them where they can win small prizes and candy. This helps to keep them happy and satisfied throughout the night. Although adults have a great time watching their children having a safe happy Halloween, there are many games that can be set up for them also. Games that allow adults to enjoy a little competition will keep them entertained.

If you are going to be having games you might want to get different prizes for the winners of the games. You could play different games like board games, racing games and maybe even just games that you can hook up to the television.

Kids love games like musical chairs and freeze dance. Buy a tape or CD of halloween music and play Halloween freeze dance or musical chairs.Have the kids dance or go round and round the chairs. when the music stops whoever is moving or not in a chair is out. The last kid standing wins! The kids will love dancing to the monster mash in their Halloween costumes!

In case you have no room for everyone to stay make sure that you can make arrangements for them to stay at a local hotel that is as close to your home as you can get it. However if everyone is drinking then there is not going to be anyone to take them to the hotel, unless you call the taxi service. Make sure you reserve a room as early as you can at a motel because this is a busy time for them and they might not have rooms available.

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