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If you run a business, it’s vital that you pay attention to pest control. It’s especially important if you care anything about the health and hygiene of your operation. Rats, mice, cockroaches, and all sorts of creatures can make their way into the establishment and call it their new home.

So what do you do if you suspect that you have a problem or want to prevent it? First, check your mattresses for bugs or eggs. If you do have bed bugs, the bugs will be large enough to see. If you wake up in the morning, and notice a row of bug bites on your body, this is typically a sign of bed bugs as well, since these bugs are known for biting in a straight line.

As my friend does, put your favorite flowers in a pot, then plant the pot in the ground. So far, this has worked. Be careful, though. There are flowers that gophers love and will bust through the bottom of the pot to get to the roots.

Though many people want a natural remedy , it is suggested by experts that a Austin Pest Control operator is the way to truly eradicate the problem. They will spray and may use steam cleaning as well to let heat kill. Putting a good vinyl cover on both the mattress and the box springs is recommended by many people.They cannot get through this unlike sheets and if there are no holes, they will eventually die. This can be a serious problem and needs to be addressed. Some people may not get bites so you cannot go by that as the only symptom.

If it turns out that you have bees, finding their resting place can be more difficult than if you have wasps. Bees can turn any empty container into a home while wasps tend to be much more into making their own. You can use steam to calm down bees so that hunting for a nest might be a bit less dangerous. Remember, unless you have an allergy, bees have a lot more to lose by stinging you than you do. Bees essentially commit suicide by stinging as the barbed stinger stays firmly embedded in the arm or leg of the person receiving the sting. A quick slap and the bee is no more. A wasp, on the other hand, can sting repeatedly and fly away unharmed.

Contech Electronics SlugsAway Electronic Slug and Snail Fence sold at the Home Depot. It is a tiny fence that you put around your garden and when the snails try to climb it, they get a small shock. It says it is safe for children and animals. It runs on one 9 volt battery. I have not tried it, but it looks interesting.

Control of bedbugs requires a combination of sanitation and pesticide applications. While vacuuming the mattress and cleaning of infested bedding will reduce populations, the insects will usually rebound quickly. Involvement of a pest management professional is usually necessary for complete long-term control.

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