Caring For A Leopard Gecko

Pet owners are known to have fun with their pets, such as cats, dogs, birds and so forth, but have you ever heard of anyone having fun with their pet lizard? Sound strange? Not really, I’m sure there are quite a few lizard owners out there that can tell you some neat things about their pet lizards. And I just happen to be a pet lizard owner; therefore, I would like to tell you about my pet anoles. I have four of them.

Hiding box – you can purchase one or make one. One option is to use an empty plastic margarine container. You cut out a small opening on the side and turn it upside.

Choose a selection of natural terrarium decorations for your pet to play on, hide in, scamper over and bask on. Stones, slate pieces, bamboo roots, jungle vines and hollow logs are ideal additions to any reptile terrarium. Make sure these are placed in the reptile tank carefully so they are stable and will not wobble or fall and hurt your pet.

The home that you provide for your bearded dragon should be of an adequate size. Never house a beardie that is more than 6 inches in length from the base of the tail to the nose in a terrarium workshop singapore that less than ten gallons, if you plan on keeping more than one beardie they should never be housed together especially males as they will fight each other. Two females can be kept with one male but the more beardies you have in one terrarium larger the tank will have to be.

Iguanas are still another option and they are very Terrarium workshop good pets but they need a big space along with lots of care and patience. They get sick quite easily.

Place your terrarium in a sunny area, away from direct sunlight and observe the changes. The direct sunlight could cause the temperature in the terrarium to be too high for your plants, so ensure your children are watchful.

Terrariums are low-maintenance, but you will occasionally experience plant casualties. You can always remove the dead plant and replace it with something else if the rest of the terrarium looks healthy.