5 Keys To Choosing Your Fishing Lure Color

If you are bass fishing for some time now, you might be looking for ways to make your hunt for fishing lures a lot easier and far more convenient. Why don’t you take benefit of the Internet and do your shopping online then? You see, there is a lot of fishing lures providers selling their goods online these days. Just check them out and see what their site has in store for you.

Spinner baits have a large, spinning, metal fin that agitates the fish. This causes the fish to attack the lure. These best fishing lures can be used anytime and are especially effective when the bass are spawning because during that time they are less interested in finding food.

If the jig head is peeling you can sand it down and then repaint to give it a fresh new look. However, if the hook has rusted it is probably not worth putting on a new skirt or repainting the head. Just go ahead and discard it.

Flat fish- -Is a type of fishing lure that is considered as one of the most productive lures when catching trout. It comes in different sizes and colors. After assembling your fishing reel and rod, you need to tie a swivel to the end of your fishing line and attach the flat fish lure to the clasp of your swivel. Once done, you can now begin fishing by casting the flat fish in an area abundant with trout. Mini stick bait. Mini stick bait resembles a small fish or the trout itself and is a great tool to attract the trout. The correct method to use this trout fishing bait is to drop it onto the surface and then let it sink slowly underneath. The slow sinking of the stick bait makes for a dying fish and is great way to fool the trout to come running for it.

If the hooks on the plugs are badly rusted it is better to remove them and replace them with new ones. If they have only rusted slightly you can try taking an Emory cloth and rubbing off the rust and then apply oil to the hooks to slow down future corrosion.

Surface lures are those types of lures that float on the surface of the water. As you pull in the line then they move over the water. They have fascinating colors and shapes which are made to attract the fish – you’ll know when you have a catch because you’ll actually see the fish come out of the water to grab it!

Rigging it on a drop shot allows you to get the bait in the right portion of the water column, a.k.a. the strike zone. Get it there, and the fish will be all over you.