3 Ways To Improve Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is something we cannot avoid in our life. The situation will arise when we are called upon to stand up and speak our minds out. When that situation comes are we ready deliver?

Think of the last time you spoke passionately about something to a friend or colleague. Chances are you weren’t feeling nervous or at a loss for words, and most likely you left little doubt about your feelings and position on the subject. When delivering your opening statement, create that same strong need for the jury to understand where you and your client stand. The stronger your desire is for them to listen, the less you’ll focus on yourself.

If you simply resolve to make changes or achieve things but don’t have any timeline set to your goals, you run the risk of getting lazy and procrastinating. Set up a plan with deadlines to reach on a regular, perhaps monthly, basis. Then make sure to update your plan if a deadline is missed so that the subsequent deadline doesn’t become impossible to meet.

Bush has proven that he does not have much interest in green technology such as solar power. However, thanks to the oil crisis, Bush has finally conceded that an alternative to oil would benefit the United States(hello ethanol).

A book is a good way to start to learning about how you can improve your presentaion skills. Books are generally not that expensive and will offer you a wealth of information on the topic.

Public speaking is a skill that is acquired. There will always be people who have the knack to talk but giving a speech in front of many people takes some time to get used to. We were all given that chance to speak in front of the crowd in school. At one time or another, we were asked to give an opinion or a case during debate. No student is spared from public speaking duties.

So rather than re-writing the same reply nineteen thousand times over the next ten years, I thought I might make my life easier and formalise my thoughts on the matter with a post.

Don’t talk too fast, don’t try and present too much information and don’t have too many slides (if you are doing a power-point presentation). Not too long ago I sat in a presentation where the speaker had over forty slides for a forty minute presentation.